Robella Town Hall

Address: Via Robilant, 1, 14020 Robella AT, Italia
Tel: 0141 998123
Fax: 0141 998331

• Presentation

The territory of Robella, located at the northern end of the province of Asti, is wedged between those of Turin and Alessandria, at their meeting point, between the upper and middle courses of the Stura torrent that forms the so-called Cerrina valley: the municipality includes, in addition to a series of hills (on which the main town and the main hamlet, Cortiglione, are located), there is also a stretch of valley, with the hamlets Cavallo Bianco and Cavallo Grigio, where industrial and craft activities are concentrated.

• Municipal palace

From the adjacency of the municipal building of Robella it is possible to admire, in a privileged position, the gentle hills of the Monferrato.

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